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Sidem optimizes range of stabiliser links with new dustcovers

Sidem optimizes range of stabiliser links with new dustcovers

New type of dustcovers ensures maximum performance of stabiliser links

Sidem, the European specialist in steering and suspension parts, has equipped its range of stabiliser links with a new type of dustcover. “The introduction of new dustcovers guarantees a perfect sealing resulting into maximum performance and life span of Sidem’s stabiliser links,” says Peter Verdonckt, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager at Sidem.

Premium quality parts

The complete range of Sidem stabiliser links has been equipped with a new type of dustcover. The new dustcovers prevent that the interior part of the ball joint is polluted by dust or moist leading to corrosion and damaging of the part. The upper part of the new dustcover on stabiliser links fits perfectly into the groove of the ball joint thanks to the smart design on the level of shape and materials, making Sidem stabiliser links equivalent to their OE reference.

Maximum performance

The new dustcovers are fabricated in high quality chloroprene rubber ensuring maximum resistance to chemical substances. The elasticity is also maintained when exposed to extreme temperatures. The shape of the dustcover is designed in such a way that it will not twist during installation. On the inside the dustcover is designed with grooves ensuring an excellent barrier for water infiltration. Finally, the exact thickness and diameter of polyurethane top ring on the dustcover will guarantee maximum sealing.