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Sidem reengineers ball joint solution for Hyundai and Kia range

Sidem reengineers ball joint solution for Hyundai and Kia range

Closed ball joint solution guarantees care-free installation

Sidem, the European specialist in steering and suspension parts, has developed a closed ball joint system for Hyundai and Kia, where the preload is already determined during its production. “The aim of Sidem’s closed ball joint solution is making installation of the part effortless resulting into more efficiency for workshops and mechanics,” says Peter Verdonckt, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager at Sidem.

Reengineered design

Sidem’s ball joint is designed in such a way that the closed system prevents dirt and humidity from infiltrating before (or during) installation, in opposition to the OEM reference’s open concept. As a consequence, care-free installation and longer life span of the ball joint is ensured.

Easy installation

During installation, the ball joint’s pre-assembled design will prevent that too much pressure is exercised, resulting into high torque movement and causing premature wear on the plastic insert. On the other hand, exercising insufficient tension, resulting into play, will also be avoided by the design.