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Voitures & Véhicules Utilitaires Légers

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Spécifications client

En plus de cette gamme standard, notre département R&D maison développe et conçoit selon les spécifications du client pour toutes applications automobiles, agricoles et industrielles.

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Sidem presents steering and suspension solutions at Stahlgruber Expo in the Czech Republic

Stahlgruber Expo organized by Stahlgruber  CZ will take place in PVA Expo Prague on 5 May 2018

Sidem, the European specialist in steering and suspension parts, is supporting its customer Stahlgruber CZ during the Stahlgruber Expo on 5 May 2018 in PVA Expo Prague.  “Stahlgruber CZ is an important partner for Sidem and we are more than happy to be able to boost each other’s business at the Stahlgruber Expo,” says Peter Verdonckt, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager at Sidem.

Stahlgruber Expo 

For the first time in company history, Stahlgruber CZ will be organizing the Stahlgruber Expo and for the event a number of selected suppliers are given the opportunity to present their solutions. Being a specialist manufacturer of steering and suspension parts, Sidem has also been selected to be part of the event. With over 6.000 m2 of exhibition space at disposal approximately 3.000 visitors are expected.

About Stahlgruber 
Stahlgruber GmbH was founded in 1923 by the brothers Gruber. The company is based in Poing, near Munich, and is one of the leading European companies operating in the automotive aftermarket. Today, its portfolio includes more than 500,000 items of goods and services, thus meeting all the requirements of auto repair shops and spare parts retailers towards a fast, efficient and cost-effective mobility of clients. Stahlgruber supplies parts and accessories for a wide range of personal and light commercial vehicles. Through its own companies, it operates in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and China.

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