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Specificatii pentru clienti

In afara gamei standard de produse, propriul nostrum departament R&D dezvolta si proiecteaza la  specificatiile clientilor pentru  automotive,  aplicatii agricole si industriale.

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Sidem supports customer Van Heck Interpièces at AutoTechnica show

Distributor Van Heck Interpièces will be presenting its solutions at Autotechnica from 25 until 28 March

Sidem, the European specialist in steering and suspension parts, is supporting its customer Van Heck Interpièces during the AutoTechnica show from 25 until 28 March in Brussels Expo. “Van Heck Interpièces is a key partner for Sidem and we are glad to support them in their presence at the show, which is also creating visibility for Sidem,” says Peter Verdonckt, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager at Sidem.

AutoTechnica trade fair

AutoTechnica is the biggest Benelux trade fair for automotive professionals. Every 2 year, the show serves as a platform for potential customers in different fields of the automotive sector. From parts to distribution and from bodywork to garage equipment. 

About Van Heck Interpièces

Van Heck Interpièces has been for many years the bridge between car manufacturers and wholesalers for garage owners. It is their goal to bring supply and demand of car materials together quickly and efficiently. Van Heck Interpièces’ strenght lies in bringing together and streamlining the actual distribution in a quick and efficient manner. Discover Van Heck Interpièces’ solutions at Autotechnica stand D04 in Bussels Expo, hall 6.

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Sidem completes range of stabiliser links with flange nuts

New flange lock nuts ensure maximum performance for the manufacturer’s stabiliser links 

Sidem, the European specialist in steering and suspension parts, has equipped its range of stabiliser links with flange lock nuts. “The addition of flange lock nuts guarantees easy installation resulting into maximum performance and life span of Sidem’s stabiliser links,” says Peter Verdonckt, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager at Sidem.

Premium quality parts

The complete range of Sidem stabiliser links has been equipped with flange lock nuts. The new flange nuts have a non-spinning washer attached at the bottom. The flat washer ensures that the nut will not dig into the mounting surface causing a better continuity between the two surfaces. The locking nuts will also prevent loosening under vibrations and torque. The use of flange lock nuts will result in easier installation and better performance of the stabiliser links.

Maximum performance

The flange nuts are made of class 10 steel which meets OE standards. The coating of the nuts is white zinc plating.
Using these materials will guarantee that corrosion is impossible, leading to longer life span and more safety on the road.

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Sidem adaug? flan?e amortizor în portofoliul lor de produse

O gam? nou? de flan?e amortizor de la grupul specialist în direc?ie ?i suspensie ? 

Sidem, grup European specialist în piese de direc?ie ?i suspensie, î?i extinde portofoliul de produse cu o nou? gam? de flan?e amortizor. ”Sidem ofer? deja cea mai larg? ofert? de piese de direc?ie ?i suspensie de pe pia??. Cu acest? decizie, dorim s? îmbun?t??im u?urin?a cu care se poate face afaceri cu Sidem, prin a le oferi clien?ilor o gam? mai variat? de produse," a zis Peter Verdonckt, Manager de Vânz?ri ?i Marketing superior de la Sidem.

Flan?e amortizor de performan?? superioar?

Sidem a introdus recent o nou? gam? de flan?e amortizor în portofoliul s?u de piese pentru direc?ie ?i suspensie. Cu aceast? introducere, Sidem r?spunde la cre?terea cererii pe pia?? pentru o gam? de flan?e amortizor de calitate superioar? echivalent cu OE ?i care s? asigure performan?? maxim?. Noua gam? ofer? clien?ilor flan?e amortizor care garanteaz? cea mai bun? solu?ie pentru izolarea vibra?iilor, protec?ie impotriva impactului ?i reducerea zgomotului.

Aten?ia dat? gamei complete

Acum cu aceste piese, clientii vor putea g?si ansamble complete de piese pentru direc?ie ?i suspensie la Sidem. Pân? în prezent, au fost ad?ugate 196 de piese noi de tip flan?e amortizor, rulmen?i ?i kit-uri in catalogul online. Cu acest? îmbun?t??ire, atelierele auto vor putea g?si toate piesele auto de direc?ie ?i suspensie de care au nevoie la Sidem.

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