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Sidem presents steering and suspension solutions at Aapex Las Vegas 2018

Automotive industry experts welcome at the Sidem stand 29013 in hall D+ (level 2) at the Sands Expo

Sidem, the European specialist in steering and suspension parts, will be taking part for the first time in the upcoming edition of Aapex, which will be held at the Sand Expo centre in Las Vegas, Nevada. From 30 October to 1 November, the Sidem team will present its latest novelties to the experts in the automotive industry at stand 29013 in hall D+ (level 2).

Expertise is key

With more than 162.000 attendees at the fair, Aapex is one of the largest trade shows for professionals in the automotive industry. In that light, the show gives Sidem the opportunity to reveal its newest developments, updated catalogue and even further extended range to distributors and mechanics. “Sidem’s goal is to further strengthen our position as the European specialist manufacturer for steering and suspension parts in the United States. That is why participating at the Aapex show is key in our ambitions,” says Peter Verdonckt, Senior Sales and Marketing Director at Sidem.

About Aapex
For more than 25 years, Aapex has been of the premier global events representing the global aftermarket auto parts industry. Aapex will feature over 2.200 automotive aftermarket manufacturers and suppliers showcasing their products and services.

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Sidem loves experts

Get your free Experts know why calendar wallpaper

Sidem, the European specialist in steering and suspension parts, recently launched its new campaign Experts know why. In this light, Sidem developed a free wallpaper for its customers to use, with a handy year calendar integrated. Find your free wallpaper on the download page of Sidem’s website:

Experts know why

When a road twists and turns premium steering and suspension parts prove their worth. So who do you turn to to keep your business on the road? Sidem develops and produces OEM-quality steering and suspension parts for the most complete range of vehicle makes and models worldwide. “That’s the story behind the Experts know why campaign. More than that Sidem is a genuine partner for our customer’s business. Our customer’s customers come to him and value him, for his expertise. And because of that, we consider it our job to help him be the expert they rely on. By making sure he always has the answer to his customer’s needs. And by making sure he offers premium quality. That’s why experts all over the world turn to Sidem.” says Peter Verdonckt, Senior Sales and Marketing Director at Sidem.

Free wallpaper
Via the download page of Sidem’s website a free Experts know why wallpaper can be found in several formats. When clicking on the wallpaper link of the desired format, save the wallpaper to your documents in order to set it as your desktop background.


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Sidem launches new campaign Experts know why

Kick-off of Sidem’s new campaign at Automechanika Frankfurt 2018 – Hall 6.0 stand C28

Sidem, the European specialist in steering and suspension parts, is launching its newest campaign Experts know why at Automechanika in the Messe Frankfurt exhibition centre from 11 to 15 September. During the fair the Sidem team will promote the campaign at stand C28 in hall 6.0.

Experts know why

Sidem develops and produces steering and suspension parts of OEM quality in Europe, for the most complete range of vehicle makes and models. But they are also, and foremost, a partner for businesses, whether for wholesales, distributors or mechanics. And when roads twist and turn, premium quality parts prove their worth. “That’s the idea of the Experts know why campaign”, says Peter Verdonckt, Senior Sales and Marketing Director at Sidem. “We want to help our customers to be able to show their expertise to their customers when providing them with OE quality parts without the OE price tag.”

European manufacturing focused on quality

Key point in the Experts know why campaign is also the European quality label. During the fair Sidem’s team will focus on presenting its visitors with finest quality all around. In that light, the team also invites their contacts in the automotive world to come and enjoy a taste of Belgian beers of the finest quality, every day starting at 17.00.

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Sidem lansează o soluție patentată pentru pivoți

New patented ball joint for Dacia, Renault and Lada range

Sidem, the European specialist in steering and suspension parts, has developed a new patented solution for replacement of press ball joints for in the Dacia, Renault and Lada range. This new solution is part of Sidem’s reengineered range of steering and suspension parts and guarantees easy installation and maximum safety.

Smart design

Sidem’s patented solution offers a suspension part which is reliable, straightforward and cost-effective for replacement. This reengineered part is based on a self-locking ball joint in the track control arm during installation. The ball joint’s design has been upgraded with grooves making the part lock itself when pressed into the track control arm. The automatic fixation ensures easy installation with only one step. In addition, this solution guarantees maximum fixation of the part.

Experts trust the specialist

With this solution, distributors are able to offer workshops and mechanics a patented solution for reliable and easy installation,” says Peter Verdonckt, Senior Sales and Marketing Director. This solution is possible for Dacia Logan, Dacia Sandero and Lada Largus. An overview of the applications for this reference can be found via Sidem’s website.

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Sidem va prezenta soluții pentru direcție și suspensie la Automechanika Frankfurt 2018

Experții în industria auto sunt bine veniți la standul Sidem C28 în pavilionul 6.0 la Messe Frankfurt

Sidem, specialistul European în piese de direcție și suspensie, va lua parte in următoarea ediție a târgului Automechanika, care va avea loc în centrul expozițional Messe Frankfurt. Începand de pe 11 până pe 15 Septembrie, echipa Sidem își va prezenta ultimele noutăți către experții în industria auto la standul C28 în pavilionul 6.0

Cheia este expertiza

Având mai mult de 130.000 de vizitatori, Automechanika Frankfurt este unul din punctele de întâlnire cele mai importante ale experților din domeniul auto. Cu această ocazie, Sidem are oportunitatea să își prezinte cele mai noi progrese, catalogul actualizat și mult mai extinsa gamă de produse către distribuitori și mecanici. “Ambiția Sidem-ului este de a ne consolida în continuare poziția de specialist european de direcție și suspensie pentru experții globali în workshop, va fi susținută la Automechanika 2018.” zice Peter Verdonckt, Director de Vânzări și Marketing la Sidem.

Despre Automechanika Frankfurt

Cu aproape 4,800 de expozanți, Automechanika este cel mai mare târg dedicat industriei auto din lume. Are loc la fiecare 2 ani în Messe Frankfurt.

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Sidem presents steering and suspension solutions at Stahlgruber Expo in the Czech Republic

Stahlgruber Expo organized by Stahlgruber  CZ will take place in PVA Expo Prague on 5 May 2018

Sidem, the European specialist in steering and suspension parts, is supporting its customer Stahlgruber CZ during the Stahlgruber Expo on 5 May 2018 in PVA Expo Prague.  “Stahlgruber CZ is an important partner for Sidem and we are more than happy to be able to boost each other’s business at the Stahlgruber Expo,” says Peter Verdonckt, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager at Sidem.

Stahlgruber Expo 

For the first time in company history, Stahlgruber CZ will be organizing the Stahlgruber Expo and for the event a number of selected suppliers are given the opportunity to present their solutions. Being a specialist manufacturer of steering and suspension parts, Sidem has also been selected to be part of the event. With over 6.000 m2 of exhibition space at disposal approximately 3.000 visitors are expected.

About Stahlgruber 
Stahlgruber GmbH was founded in 1923 by the brothers Gruber. The company is based in Poing, near Munich, and is one of the leading European companies operating in the automotive aftermarket. Today, its portfolio includes more than 500,000 items of goods and services, thus meeting all the requirements of auto repair shops and spare parts retailers towards a fast, efficient and cost-effective mobility of clients. Stahlgruber supplies parts and accessories for a wide range of personal and light commercial vehicles. Through its own companies, it operates in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and China.

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Sidem introduces new torque optimizing technique

Torque optimization for complete range of axial joints

As an awarded OEM producer of steering and suspension parts, Sidem has developed a new torque optimizing technique. The goal of the new technique is to reduce and stabilize torque, resulting into smooth driving and safety on the road. Being an aftermarket specialist, Sidem is now also taking the lead in torque optimizing in this market and is implementing the technique on its complete range of axial joints. 

Smooth steering

As the axial joints transfer steering motion to the wheels, the right responsiveness of these parts is crucial for smooth steering. Axial joints have a thick wall housing that is closed during the assembly process by cold forming. The cold forming  process leads to a lot of stress into the system. This results into higher and instable torque. As a consequence, cars with high torque axial joints installed are very likely to risk heavy noise and excessive wear or damage to the steering system. Sidem’s new torque optimizing technique relieves this stress in the system and ensures that axial joints are installed with the correct tension on the part.

Optimized range

Sidem recently introduced their new torque optimizing technique. This unique technique is now applied on the complete range of axial joints. Find all axial joint references in Sidem’s catalogue:


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Sidem supports customer Van Heck Interpièces at AutoTechnica show

Distributor Van Heck Interpièces will be presenting its solutions at Autotechnica from 25 until 28 March

Sidem, the European specialist in steering and suspension parts, is supporting its customer Van Heck Interpièces during the AutoTechnica show from 25 until 28 March in Brussels Expo. “Van Heck Interpièces is a key partner for Sidem and we are glad to support them in their presence at the show, which is also creating visibility for Sidem,” says Peter Verdonckt, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager at Sidem.

AutoTechnica trade fair

AutoTechnica is the biggest Benelux trade fair for automotive professionals. Every 2 year, the show serves as a platform for potential customers in different fields of the automotive sector. From parts to distribution and from bodywork to garage equipment. 

About Van Heck Interpièces

Van Heck Interpièces has been for many years the bridge between car manufacturers and wholesalers for garage owners. It is their goal to bring supply and demand of car materials together quickly and efficiently. Van Heck Interpièces’ strenght lies in bringing together and streamlining the actual distribution in a quick and efficient manner. Discover Van Heck Interpièces’ solutions at Autotechnica stand D04 in Bussels Expo, hall 6.

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Sidem adaug? flan?e amortizor în portofoliul lor de produse

O gam? nou? de flan?e amortizor de la grupul specialist în direc?ie ?i suspensie ? 

Sidem, grup European specialist în piese de direc?ie ?i suspensie, î?i extinde portofoliul de produse cu o nou? gam? de flan?e amortizor. ”Sidem ofer? deja cea mai larg? ofert? de piese de direc?ie ?i suspensie de pe pia??. Cu acest? decizie, dorim s? îmbun?t??im u?urin?a cu care se poate face afaceri cu Sidem, prin a le oferi clien?ilor o gam? mai variat? de produse," a zis Peter Verdonckt, Manager de Vânz?ri ?i Marketing superior de la Sidem.

Flan?e amortizor de performan?? superioar?

Sidem a introdus recent o nou? gam? de flan?e amortizor în portofoliul s?u de piese pentru direc?ie ?i suspensie. Cu aceast? introducere, Sidem r?spunde la cre?terea cererii pe pia?? pentru o gam? de flan?e amortizor de calitate superioar? echivalent cu OE ?i care s? asigure performan?? maxim?. Noua gam? ofer? clien?ilor flan?e amortizor care garanteaz? cea mai bun? solu?ie pentru izolarea vibra?iilor, protec?ie impotriva impactului ?i reducerea zgomotului.

Aten?ia dat? gamei complete

Acum cu aceste piese, clientii vor putea g?si ansamble complete de piese pentru direc?ie ?i suspensie la Sidem. Pân? în prezent, au fost ad?ugate 196 de piese noi de tip flan?e amortizor, rulmen?i ?i kit-uri in catalogul online. Cu acest? îmbun?t??ire, atelierele auto vor putea g?si toate piesele auto de direc?ie ?i suspensie de care au nevoie la Sidem.

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Sidem completes range of stabiliser links with flange nuts

New flange lock nuts ensure maximum performance for the manufacturer’s stabiliser links 

Sidem, the European specialist in steering and suspension parts, has equipped its range of stabiliser links with flange lock nuts. “The addition of flange lock nuts guarantees easy installation resulting into maximum performance and life span of Sidem’s stabiliser links,” says Peter Verdonckt, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager at Sidem.

Premium quality parts

The complete range of Sidem stabiliser links has been equipped with flange lock nuts. The new flange nuts have a non-spinning washer attached at the bottom. The flat washer ensures that the nut will not dig into the mounting surface causing a better continuity between the two surfaces. The locking nuts will also prevent loosening under vibrations and torque. The use of flange lock nuts will result in easier installation and better performance of the stabiliser links.

Maximum performance

The flange nuts are made of class 10 steel which meets OE standards. The coating of the nuts is white zinc plating.
Using these materials will guarantee that corrosion is impossible, leading to longer life span and more safety on the road.

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Sidem reengineers ball joint solution for Hyundai and Kia range

Closed ball joint solution guarantees care-free installation

Sidem, the European specialist in steering and suspension parts, has developed a closed ball joint system for Hyundai and Kia, where the preload is already determined during its production. “The aim of Sidem’s closed ball joint solution is making installation of the part effortless resulting into more efficiency for workshops and mechanics,” says Peter Verdonckt, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager at Sidem.

Reengineered design

Sidem’s ball joint is designed in such a way that the closed system prevents dirt and humidity from infiltrating before (or during) installation, in opposition to the OEM reference’s open concept. As a consequence, care-free installation and longer life span of the ball joint is ensured.

Easy installation

During installation, the ball joint’s pre-assembled design will prevent that too much pressure is exercised, resulting into high torque movement and causing premature wear on the plastic insert. On the other hand, exercising insufficient tension, resulting into play, will also be avoided by the design.


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Sidem optimizes range of stabiliser links with new dustcovers

New type of dustcovers ensures maximum performance of stabiliser links

Sidem, the European specialist in steering and suspension parts, has equipped its range of stabiliser links with a new type of dustcover. “The introduction of new dustcovers guarantees a perfect sealing resulting into maximum performance and life span of Sidem’s stabiliser links,” says Peter Verdonckt, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager at Sidem.

Premium quality parts

The complete range of Sidem stabiliser links has been equipped with a new type of dustcover. The new dustcovers prevent that the interior part of the ball joint is polluted by dust or moist leading to corrosion and damaging of the part. The upper part of the new dustcover on stabiliser links fits perfectly into the groove of the ball joint thanks to the smart design on the level of shape and materials, making Sidem stabiliser links equivalent to their OE reference.

Maximum performance

The new dustcovers are fabricated in high quality chloroprene rubber ensuring maximum resistance to chemical substances. The elasticity is also maintained when exposed to extreme temperatures. The shape of the dustcover is designed in such a way that it will not twist during installation. On the inside the dustcover is designed with grooves ensuring an excellent barrier for water infiltration. Finally, the exact thickness and diameter of polyurethane top ring on the dustcover will guarantee maximum sealing.


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Automechanika 2016

We would like to thank all our visitors from Automechanika 2016. We received more visitors than last edition, it was a great success for us. Pictures can be found on our Facebookpage.

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Sidem celebrates 15 years of Sidem SRL

On the 17th of June Sidem SRL celebrated its 15th anniversary. On this occasion we organized an open door for all our customers, suppliers and high officials. During this day we honored our pioneers, who are a part of Sidem SRL from day one. You can see pictures of the event on our Facebook Page.

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Sidem mounting tools

Sidem does not only offers an extensive range of steering and suspension parts, but also a range of mounting tools.

We have mounting tools for ball joints. Our mounting tools are an aid to fasten ball joints in a steering knuckle or an arm. You can do this by squeezing, screwing or, in certain cases, knocking.

Not every brand has the same ball joints, that’s why different brands require different mounting tools. Sidem knows this and that’s why the company offers a whole range of specific mounting tools for specific brands.

With our mounting tools we try to make the life of the mechanics easier. At Sidem you can not only get your steering and suspension parts but also the mounting tools to install them easier.

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New mounting tools: set jam nuts

We have a new addition to our mounting tools range: sets of jam nuts.

Jam nuts are used on the tie rods to prevent the tie rod ends from loosening due to vibration. We created an easy to carry box with all common jam nuts, this is to ensure a clever repair.

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New lay-out Sidem catalogue update

We created a more user-friendly way to send our catalogue upgrade to our customers. In the past you had a link to each individual upgrade, now you have a link to all the upgrades. We are also including a link to an excel list that is easy to import. We like to make the life of Sidem users easier

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Manual via Qr-code on the packaging

Sidem promises you a quick, accurate and flexible service.  

Each spare part comes with clear installation instructions. Consult the assembly manual at any time by scanning the QR-code on the packaging.

This new tool is an essential aid for the distributor and the garage mechanic.

Interested in more information on the handy Sidem-tools?
Contact us or have a look on

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A part of Sidem completes the repair

SIDEM has the widest range in complete sets in the market of Steering and Suspension parts. With the highest availability of sets and a constant urge to expand it, SIDEM becomes an indispensable partner.

Our many years in the business has given us the advantage to manufacture sets that meet customer requirements, achieving quicker repair times and satisfied drivers.

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Whatever your choice is, just know Sidem is the right one.

For several Audi models Sidem offers a quite impressive selection of sets.
You always can choose for a set of Track Control Arms accompanied by Mounting Material.
If you want Stabiliser links joined to the set, that’s no problem. We even offer a set where the Tie Rod Ends are included.

To keep it simple we use the following logic:
OE-number + S1 = SET of Track Control Arms + Mounting Material
OE-number + S2 = SET of Track Control Arms + Mounting Material + Stabiliser Links
OE-number + S3 = SET of Track Control Arms + Mounting Material + Stabiliser Links + Tie Rod Ends

For example sets for Audi A4 (8EC,8ED):
37072 = 8E0 407 693 AL = Part of SET
37878 = 8E0 407 693 AL S1 = SET of Track Control Arms + Mounting Material
37876 = 8E0 407 693 AL S2 = SET of Track Control Arms + Mounting Material + Stabiliser Links
37871 = 8E0 407 693 AL S3 = SET of TCA’s + Mounting Material + Stabiliser Links + Tie Rod Ends

As we know: The replacement of several parts at once gives us the advantage of better handling and shortens the repair time significantly.

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Sidem breathes to fulfill your needs

In our dedication to serve customers with complete parts we always try to offer track control arms who are complete and easy to install. Meaning we offer them with silentblocks and with ball joint even if these are not included in OEM.

Always be aware of this when comparing Sidem parts with others.
Sidem parts must comply to high quality standards and need to be as complete as possible.
We will offer a complete track control arm for each comparison number.

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SIDEM keeps on Shining In Durability, Efficiency, Manufactur

We always try to serve our customers with complete parts.
Therefore the washers on axial joints are included according to the original part to complete the repair.
It’s an extra effort from us to manufacture, store and include in the package, but for you it guarantees an entire repair.

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Sidem is constantly expanding its product range

When axial joints need to be replaced, the steering rack gaiter needs to be removed.
Manufactures often use clamps that can’t be reused afterwards or when they are damaged the steering rack gaiter isn’t secured properly anymore.
Dust or dirt is free to enter and damage the axial joint. The rubber of the gaiter can be worn or damaged, weak spots or cracks can occur.That’s why the steering rack gaiter often is replaced simultaneously with the axial joint. This may prevent a shortened lifetime of the axial joint and a longer repair time in a later stage. That’s why Sidem is expanding their range with Steering rack gaiters with metal clamps to complete the repair.

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Set self locking nuts

We are constantly pushing to meet the needs of our customers, so we also have a set of self locking nuts available.
This can come in handy since a nyloc nut can only be used once because the nylon insert no longer performs its function to 100% of design. Therefore nyloc nuts should be replaced after each use or re-torque.

Since we are working with safety parts who encounter vibrations and movement,  it’s very important that the repair can be completed without fear of loosening nuts. The nylon is tightly wedged into the bolt threads and provides resistance to turning once tightened, this under nearly any condition.

So if during the repair of Sidem parts other nuts need to be removed or a part needs to be adjusted after wheel alignment, you can always rely on this set to achieve the required safety conditions.

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Replacing parts in pairs

When working on steering and suspension, we notice that most parts have an equal on the opposite side. When a defective part is found, it is highly recommended to replace the same part on the other side as well to prevent a noticeable performance difference from side to side and to preserve your safety. This is necessary when replacing stabiliser mountings, stabiliser links, track control arms, silentblocks,…

It is not absolutely necessary to replace axial joints, tie rod ends, steering rack gaiters and ball joints in pairs, but many professional installers insist on replacing both even if only one is bad. This is because it is likely both parts will have covered the same distance and have the same amount of wear. This will ensure the entire steering and suspension system is functional and secure. It also saves the customer the inconvenience of having to bring his vehicle in a second time.

Any steering and suspension repairs should be followed by a quality four-wheel alignment at a reputable repair facility. This is due to the fact that you will be removing many different components and could possibly pull the alignment out causing tire wear or damage in the future.

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Communication the foundation of a good business relationship

Since communication is the base of the pyramid to do business we invested in a purpose-built customer training theater, a demonstration room with tests for quality control and in-house video conferencing facilities.

There is also a fully secured and equipped garage work bay area, designed to support new product testing, part improvement and R&D activities.

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R10060 KIT: Mounting tool KIT for Silentblocks

As Sidem nv wants to support our customers during the complete repair, we know that besides providing high quality products there is also a matter of installing them. When it comes to replacing Silentblocks, it is important you have the right tools to make it a quick and easy job. In combination with a hydraulic press you can choose from a series of rings with different diameters and locking screws to help center the silentblock ensuring a smooth and save replacement. Always make sure the hole is cleaned thoroughly before pressing in the new Silentblock.

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R10090 KIT: Mounting tool KIT for Ball joints

During the replacement of steering and suspension parts it occurs that extra tools are needed to simplify the repair. When replacing balljoints who have housings with a castellated shape, a special tool is needed to make the repair easy. With the help of our Ball joint sockets you can mount the Ball joints with a torque wrench, making sure the required torque by the manufacturer is reached and the part is screwed in quickly.

SIDEM REF: R10090 KIT = R10091 + R10092 + R10093

R10091 = Mounting tool for Sidem ref. 53383 and 7989

R10092 = Mounting tool for Sidem ref. 81182

R10093 = Mounting tool for Sidem ref. 53081

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Continuous Quality Improvement

Sidem strives to become the best supplier of suspension and steering parts in the automotive market.

 In order to reach that goal, Sidem continuously improves its quality level through :

  • PDCA-approach, to prevent non-conformities (PDCA = Plan-Do-Check-Act).
  • 8D problem resolution, to solve specific customer complaints (8D = 8 step reporting, including rootcause analysis, containment, corrective and preventive actions).
  • PPM follow-up : by monthly measuring quantity failed against quantity sold, the result of continuous improvement activities is monitored and quantified
  • Customer feedback analysis : customer’s opinion is an important input for improvement purposes
  • Sidem solutions : informations about improvement actions

“Sidem solutions” are published periodically.

 Please verify them through the newsletters, or via the website

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Quality has no secrets

Sidem offers solutions for a better, safer driving experience. Designed and tested in-house, Sidem steering and suspension parts are OE-approved and manufactured to the most stringest quality and safety standards.  Therefore, Sidem has been able to offer the most complete product on the market combined with the best service, for more than 70 years now.
Because every part matters, even the smallest.

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Steering in safety

Steering in safety is our tagline and expresses what Sidem stands for.
"Steering and suspension is all we do".   It is our corebusiness.  This asset together with our 80 years of expertise makes us a specialist in this domain.

Steering in safety also expresses where we stand for in terms of quality and reliability.
Designed and tested in-house, Sidem steering and suspension parts are OE-approved and manufactured to the stringent quality standards.  We garantuee this quality by having the complete production proces from A to Z in our own hands in European based facilities.  
In our testcenter prototypes and new references are profoundly tested to ensure long lifetime of the productns and best quality for safe driving in all circumstances.

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Continuous improvement

As a European OE quality manufacturer, Sidem is always ahead to improve quality and service.
That's what makes us different and we are proud of this.
Our priority is to ensure your competitve advantage.
Wonder how we do this?

One of the keystones of making the difference is by proactive extension of our offer towards you.
We proactively screen new references in the existing carparc. Only by doing so we can stay ahead in offering the widest range in steering & suspension parts on the market.

Reserve enough space on your shelves for our extented range!

Sidem, your one-stop-premium supplier in steering & suspension.

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