Introduction new steering & suspension parts for TOYOTA PROACE (MDX_)

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Sidem, the European manufacturer of steering and suspension parts, is presenting its newest additions to the range of steering and suspension parts. Article references are now immediately available from stock for: TOYOTA PROACE (MDX_)

New to range items TOYOTA PROACE (MDX_)

In the table an overview of all new items for TOYOTA PROACE (MDX_) can be found.

06/2013 – 03/2016
353.036 4066 83 STEERING RACK GAITER
53030 940 38 17 738 TIE ROD END
53065 140 00 99 680 STABILISER LINK
53110 3812 F0 AXIAL JOINT
53276 149 74 08 080 TRACK CONTROL ARM LEFT WBJ
53277 149 74 07 080 TRACK CONTROL ARM RIGHT WBJ
819648 Part of 134 63 84 080 SILENTBLOCK FOR TRACK CONTROL ARM
819649 Part of 134 63 85 080 SILENTBLOCK FOR TRACK CONTROL ARM
853638 Part of 135 60 65 080 SILENTBLOCK FOR TRACK CONTROL ARM
853842 Part of 133 08 90 080 STABILISER MOUNTING
919004 144 01 77 280 STABILIZER BAR


Highest coverage numbers

With the largest and deepest range of premium quality parts, Sidem is Europe’s true specialist producing steering and suspension parts. This is the most important reason why Sidem is able to offer the highest coverage in a region or market when it comes to steering and suspension parts. Go to Sidem’s complete catalogue for all new references.

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