At Sidem, to stay on top of our game, we focus on great product portfolio management and our own R&D. We develop and manufacture in Europe, with OE quality as our benchmark. If we believe OE quality can be improved, we set to reengineering the product, for easier installation, a longer lifespan, and increased safety for the driver. As an expert in steering and suspension parts, we don’t only want you to take our word for it. We’d rather show you the results, with many different reinforced items for a better installation and longer life time. Let’s take the Sidem patented ball joint as a good example.

As the connection between the wheel suspension control arms and the wheel, our ball joints play a critical role in any vehicle. They allow for flexible movement and are very important for safety on the road and the lifespan of the car. To make them even better, we have reengineered the components of our ball joints.

Long lifespan

In all our developments, durable results are essential. We build towards maximum strength and resistance to rust, dust, tear and wear, thus guaranteeing the longest lifespan for our products. Therefore, the Sidem patented ball joints combine:

  • Durable raw materials, such as 42CrMo4 steel for the ball studs, a selected polymer for the inserts, chloroprene rubber for the dustcover, and lifetime-lubricating grease
  • A smart composition of the components with the dustcover combined with the seat and a steel ridge on the ball stud to prevent collapsing
  • A cold forged chromium steel finish of the ball pin and rounded edges of the housing
  • Maximum water resistance, thanks to the durable raw materials, the dustcover with grooves, and the elastic spring steels for optimal sealing
Easy installation

When installing, the ball joint locks itself easely in the control arm. Immediately, it’s in the right spot and impossible to get loose, for reliable operation.

Maximum safety

Safety is always a top priority, especially when it comes to putting vehicles on the road. The combination of materials used, special features that ensure a long life span and ease of installation contribute to maximizing the safety of the driver.




Our reengineered and patented ball joints combine features that have been tested and improved one by one, resulting in a perfectly performing product.


 1. Insert in selected polymer

  • Resistant to high temperatures, high impacts and high wear resistance.

2.  Cold forged and polished chromium steel ball stud

  • Maximum strength
  • More rust resistant
  • Less friction, increased lifespan

3. Housing finishing

  • Rounded edges prevent the dustcover from being damaged.

4.  Dustcover in chloroprene rubber

  • Maximum resistance to chemical substances.
  • Best sealing from moist and dust.
  • Extreme resistance to endurance and temperature.

5.  Dustcover in combination with seat

  • Prevents dustcover from collapsing.

6.  Elastic spring steel

  • Diameter is maintained
  • Maximum sealing
  • No deformation

7.  Dustcover grooves

  • Prevent water infiltration.

Each component is engineered and tested into the smallest detail.

OE quality

Always in pursuit of OE quality

We don’t take any chances overnight. There’s a long way to go before a component is installed. During the R&D phase, intensive testing is the standard, in every stage, from primary development to detailing and production.

Water-infiltration testing

Precision measuring

Ultrasonic crack control for casting parts