Introduction new steering & suspension parts for PEUGEOT EXPERT

      • New items available from stock
      • Overview of all references via Sidem online catalogue:

      Sidem, the European manufacturer of steering and suspension parts, is presenting its newest additions to the range of steering and suspension parts. Article references are now immediately available from stock for: PEUGEOT EXPERT.

      New to range items PEUGEOT EXPERT

      In the table an overview of all new items can be found.

      04/2016 ->  
      54138 98 203 400 80 TIE ROD END LEFT
      54139 98 203 401 80 TIE ROD END RIGHT
      54063 98 090 901 80 STABILISER LINK
      54087 98 186 575 80 S1 BALL JOINT

      Highest coverage numbers

      With the largest and deepest range of premium quality parts, Sidem is Europe’s true specialist producing steering and suspension parts. This is the most important reason why Sidem is able to offer the highest coverage in a region or market when it comes to steering and suspension parts. Go to Sidem’s complete catalogue for all new references.

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