Axial joints developed by Sidem

Our steering and suspension products are being designed and produced with the highest quality standards in mind. We know chassis items have to withstand a lot of circumstances and need to guarantee the car driving in a safe and smooth way. We develop axial joints that ensure just that, so that mechanics and drivers can be at ease.


The right torque

Too much tension or not enough tension; the right torque control can make the difference between a safe product and a disaster. Our axial joints were tested with the competitors and our products achieve the best torque values.

Excellent performance for play

In case of play parts will wear prematurely leading to a shorter life span. We also tested our axial joints in this area and our products surpassed the competitors’ axial joints too!

High corrosion resistance

When critical areas on parts are subject to corrosion, the life span will decrease seriously. That’s why we performed another test to also guarantee the best quality on this level. Comparative testing with competitors axial joints show that our products are highly resistant to corrosion.