Have you already heard of our concept ‘Sidem Solutions’? It’s where we improve our products based on customer feedback or findings in the working field. Ensuring even more reliable parts. Today, we present to you: our dustcover solution.

High-quality materials and design

It’s been a while now since we’ve equipped our stabilizer links with a new type of dustcover. These prevent that the interior part of the ball joint is polluted by dust or moist, leading to corrosion and damaging of the part. The upper part of these dustcovers fits perfectly into the groove of the ball joint thanks to its smart design on the level of shape and materials. There are five criteria that specifically improve the dustcover.

  • Its non-rotating design prevents the dustcover from twisting during installation.
  • The dustcover has extra grooves on its sealing point. This creates an excellent barrier for water infiltration.
  • We have produced these dustcovers in high-quality chloroprene rubber, ensuring maximum resistance to chemical substances and the best sealing from moist and dust. When exposed to extreme temperatures, the elasticity is also maintained.
  • The exact thickness and diameter of the polyurethane top ring on the dustcover will guarantee maximum sealing.

Excellent results

Sidem stabilizer links have all been equipped with this new type of dustcover, guaranteeing you an easy installation and long lifespan of the part. Please find below all the references of the dustcovers that are available separately in kits.

N14100 Dustcover kit
17003 Set of 10 dustcovers new design


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