A track control arm is one of the most essential car parts. It’s a hinged suspension link between the chassis and the suspension upright or hub that carries the wheel. But a track control arm consists of many other parts. Let’s go through them.

  1. Ball-pin
  2. Top spring
  3. Dustcover
  4. Bottom spring
  5. Insert
  6. Backplate
  7. Housing
  8. Silent block

Ball-pins and additional parts

Ball-pins are in constant movement while functioning on the car. We roll the spherical area of this part to obtain the necessary roughness, which allows the ball-pin to move smoothly. Our ball-pins are machined from 42CrMo4 forged steel. This material is very hard and ensures maximum strength of the part, preventing it from breaking at extreme impact. Furthermore, chromium steel is more rust-resistant than carbon steel.

Every ball-pin is placed in a forged ALU 6082 T6 housing, together with the insert. The latter constrains the ball-pin translation movement. It is made from polyoxymethylene, a material that doesn’t deform at high impact. To guarantee an excellent functioning, we have added a specific quantity of special grease between the insert and the ball area. This grease has many specifications:

  • It is water-repellent.
  • It reduces friction and enhances a smooth movement.
  • It is resistant against extreme pressure.

It is crucial that the insert stays in the housing. Therefore, a backplate is integrated. When the housing rolls, the backplate is pressed against the insert, ensuring that it stays in place.

The dustcover

A dustcover is part of the ball joint that is in the track control arm. Sidem dustcovers have grooves that prevent water from infiltrating the ball joint articulation. These parts are made from high-quality CR rubber, that keeps its elasticity even when exposed to extreme temperatures. Besides that, this material lasts for over more than 10 years and is resistant to all sorts of chemical substances.

Our dustcovers are tested for endurance when already on the ball joints.

Top and bottom springs

Springs assure that the rubber dustcover fits properly, and that water doesn’t infiltrate. They are made from spring steel. We coat them in different colors so we can distinguish the different diameters. If we pick the wrong diameter for a specific part, it can cause early wear on the springs. By giving each diameter a specific color, we prevent this.

Silent block

The goal of a silent block is to make it possible to shift gears smoothly, avoiding excessive vibrations. Our silent blocks are bushings made of rubber that do just that. Sidem follows OE design here, which means we work with either full rubber bushes or hydro bushes.

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