• Expansion of the complementary strut mount range within the steering and suspension parts offer
  • Focus on the highest quality for strut bearings and rubber
  • New references available from stock by the end of 2019

Sidem, the European manufacturer of steering and suspension parts, has recently started focusing on strut mounts and bearings, which are essential parts for shock absorption. In total, more than 200 references are being added to the existing range.

New product line
The strut mount product line was added to the Sidem range last year, as it proved to be very complementary with the existing after-market catalogue of steering and suspension parts. “We want to be a one-stop shop for our customers”, explained Delphine Dewildeman, Marketing Manager at Sidem. “That’s why we didn’t hesitate to make this decision and to add strut mounts to our range”.

Offer expansion
As the strut mounts met a real demand, Sidem decided this year to considerably extend its range. “We are adding a few hundred new references in total, according to different selection criteria. First, we determine what types are required for European cars. The product quality is another decisive element of course: we primarily focus on the flexibility of the bearing itself, which is crucial for the lifetime and functionality, and on the durability of the balls in the bearing”.

Thorough testing
We also check the rubber composition, concentrating on the rigidity, flexibility and hardness of the material as determining criteria. “By thoroughly testing our new references, we want to distinguish ourselves from our competitors in the market”, concludes Delphine Dewildeman. “We are known as a quality player and intend to confirm this reputation within our new strut mount range”.



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