Since 2001, Sidem Romania (located in Suceava) has been a powerful, growing force within the Sidem group. The plant has expanded during this period and is now thriving, with many of the employees from the beginning still on-board. It has become one of the most modern factories in the country. The automated flow and assembly lines, and the 120 CNC machines, are some of the best examples of this. We sat down for a chat with Alin Covașă, General Manager at Sidem Romania.


Sidem could’ve picked any place in the world for this production plant. Why exactly did it choose Suceava?

Alin: “This area had a long tradition in the car industry – not only in production and industrial trading, but also in education. Finding qualified staff is, in general, a big challenge nowadays. Here, we managed to find people with the right skills and the right mindset, for both the short and the long term. It turned out to be a smart choice, driving Sidem’s growth: together, we have produced over 50 million parts for customers in over 90 countries”.


A lot has changed in the past 20 years. How do you keep up?

Alin: “Sidem continues to invest in the development of new production and assembly lines. This way, we succeed in increasing our production capacity and diversifying our product range, while continuing to improve well-being in the workplace. Our high-tech machines and skilled employees are essential for our success, but Sidem’s team of leaders is equally crucial. They continuously design and engineer complex parts for the most demanding car brands, adhering to the highest quality standards and gaining the trust of customers and investors”.

Prestigious car brands such as Porsche, Ford and McLaren, contribute to our job pride.

Alin Covașă General Manager, Sidem Romania

Attracting talented people is only the beginning. How do you manage to keep them engaged?

Alin: “We offer jobs with a lot of variety. We are manufacturers for both the spare parts industry and the first assembly industry. Our parts are mounted on the assembly lines of some of the most prestigious car brands, such as Porsche, Ford and McLaren, what contributes to our job pride. On top of that, we strive to ensure a stable, fair and safe working environment. At Sidem, people are important. Currently, our factory has a total of 260 employees with a wide range of skills. We believe that in a team, all members can do great things by combining individual, complementary talents”.

Thanks to our long tradition in the car industry, we have managed to find people with the right skills and the right mindset.

Corina Pintilei Human Resources, Sidem Romania

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