Heil & Sohn home fair Wolfsburg

On 25th of May, Sidem, an independent European manufacturer of premium steering and suspension parts for the replacement market for 85 years, took part in the Heil & Sohn home fair. The intention of our presence in Wolfsburg was twofold: to strengthen ties with this important customer and to raise brand awareness among end users.

Focus on Germany

The in-house exhibition was organized on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Heil & Sohn’s event. More than forty partners from the industry were present, including Sidem. “Heil & Sohn is one of our important customers in Germany“, he says. “And Germany itself is still the automotive country par excellence. Our participation was therefore a very logical choice“.

Huge opportunity

In the first place, Sidem wanted to strengthen ties with this distributor, who is mainly active in northern Germany. But there was a second and perhaps equally important reason. “The suppliers’ customers, garage owners and mechanics were also present at that fair”, Boel further said. “In short, the people who work on the cars effectively. An excellent opportunity to get in touch with the end users, who can provide us with a lot of valuable information. What do they think of Sidem? Why do they like to work with our steering and suspension parts?

Brand awareness

It is always important to strengthen our brand with end users when the opportunity permits. German garage owners and mechanics know Sidem less well, because they prefer to buy German products until further notice. “A big challenge for us“, says Boel. “Direct contact with the end user is a great opportunity. Getting to know us increases the chance that people will explicitly ask for Sidem parts from our distributor in the future”.


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