Due to their battery pack Battery Electrical Vehicles (BEVs) tend to be heavier than petrol cars. Steering and suspension parts for this type of car are therefore subjected to more stress and thus require an optimized design. Besides, the faster accelleration of BEVs results in higher torque what means that ball joints in these cars need to be stronger for a higher security of the driver. On top, BEVs produce less noise and vibration. That is why Sidem’s silent blocks are reengineered to optimize the driving comfort.

“At present (May 2023), Sidem has 960 unique references for 32 European and Asian BEV brands, in total 147 private and light commercial models. Which means a relevant coverage of 83,66%, the highest score within the aftermarket.”

Highest coverage

Being the expert for steering and suspension car parts, Sidem has an extensive range of references, available from stock. All engineered and produced in Europe.

Control arms for BEV

In the first generations Tesla Model S of 2013-2015 and the Tesla Model X from 2015, control arms have a ball joint which is pressed into the housing of the arm. Due to the high power of these electric cars a lot of torque is instantly released when accelerating, causing tremendous stress on the suspension parts. This, in combination with a sudden impact, might result in breakage where the ball joint separates from the control arm. This may lead to loss of steering control and can therefore cause very dangerous situations.


Sidem offers a track control arm with a different design as a solution to this problem. In Sidem’s BEV track control arm the ball joint is directly incorporated in the aluminum housing. Rather than the weak link of a pressed-in ball joint in the track control arm of these Tesla cars, Sidem’s replacement track control arm is one part functioning with maximum strength. The ball joint cannot get detached when it is subject to high impact. As a result, a safe installation and drive is guaranteed.

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