Ball joint lubrication is important to prevent the part from drying out, corroding and wearing. The grease used in Sidem parts is co-engineered with Klüber Lubrication and assures a much longer life time due to a smoother movement and protection against water infiltration. Sidem always engineers its parts with in mind the longest possible lifespan, maximum safety, comfort and an easy installation.

Longer life span

The main reason for the failure of ball joints is corrosion caused by water infiltration. To prevent this, Sidem takes several measures. To start with the use of durable raw materials: e.g. cold-forged, polished chromium steel for the ball pin. This material provides increased strength and rust resistance.

In addition, the dust cover which shields the ball pin and housing, should be securely sealed to the ball-pin and housing using spring steel rings that have the appropriate diameter, for a fixed installation onto the housing and a smooth movement between pin and dustcover top (tilting and rotating of the pin). Besides, the dust cover is designed with grooves on the inside to prevent water from seeping in between. Sidem ball joints are highly waterproof due to their combination of multiple features.

Another important reason for failure is the use of low-quality lubrication. Therefore, the use of high-quality lubricant is crucial as it places a protective film on all vulnerable surfaces. Moreover, high quality lubricant retains its composition and features which prevent drying out, eroding and eventually failing.

Comfortable ride

The Sidem grease ensures that ball joints, tie rod ends, stabilizer links and axial joints are lubricated for an ultra-comfortable drive during a much longer period. This semi-synthetic grease reduces both static and dynamic friction, preventing stick-slip by absorbing starting and running torques.

Thanks to specific additives, the grease adheres better to both steel and plastic components (polymer inserts). As a result, the grease will function for a longer period and provide a better dampening effect between the friction bodies.


Sidem lubricant is the result of a co-engineering effort between Sidem’s R&D department and Klüber Lubrication. Steering and suspension parts are exposed to demanding conditions in day-to-day use (torque, temperatures, weather conditions).

So, several types of lubricants were tested intensively in Sidem’s laboratories before the perfect solution was found to ensure the longest lifespan.

Last but not least, the grease composition is free of heavy metals and black solid lubricants and makes the solution even more durable.

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