Our Sidem Solutions have originated from customer and market feedback. They are improved parts compared to the original one. With our Solutions, we can guarantee even better and safer products. On the menu today: the flange lock nut solution.

Easier installation of stabilizer links

All our stabilizer links have been equipped with flange lock nuts. These have a flat washer attached at the bottom to ensure that the nut will not dig into the mounting surface. This results in a better continuity between the two surfaces. The locking nut also prevents loosening under vibrations and torque. And it guarantees an easier installation and better performance of our stabilizer links.

Parts that meet OE standards

With the production of every part, we strive to meet OE standards. This is not different when it comes to our flange lock nut. They are made of class 10 steel, that meets OE standards. The nuts are coated with white zinc plating, that prevents corrosion and thus leads to a longer lifespan of the part.


Every stabilizer link in our range has been equipped with flange lock nuts. These flange nuts are available separately in sets of 10.

N17032 10 Self-locking flange nuts M10X1.5
N17034 10 Self-locking flange nuts M12X1.5
N17036 10 Self-locking flange nuts M14X1.5
N17040 10 Self-locking flange nuts M12X1.5 D32
N17041 10 Self-locking flange nuts M12X1.5 D40
N17042 10 Self-locking flange nuts M14X1.5 D32
N17043 10 Self-locking flange nuts M14X1.5 D40

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