We have developed a closed ball joint system for the Hyundai and Kia range. Here, the preload has already been determined during the production process.

OEM open ball joint concept

The OEM ball joint for these car brands has been designed according to an open concept. Therefore, there is a chance that dirt and humidity infiltrate the ball joint before or during installation. And that must be avoided.

Closed ball joint by Sidem

At Sidem, we always strive for a very long lifespan of our parts. That’s why we have decided to redesign this specific ball joint, based on a closed system. Firstly, this prevents dirt and humidity from infiltrating before or during the installation. Unlike the OEM design. This way, we can guarantee a care-free installation and a longer lifespan of the ball joint.

Secondly, this pre-assembled design will prevent that too much pressure is applied on the ball joint. Too much pressure can result into high torque movement, causing premature wear on the plastic insert. On the other hand, the new design avoids applying insufficient tension, which results into play.

To make the installation simple for you, we have the right mounting tool in stock (SIDEM REF R10092).

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Sidem’s specially designed ball joint can be applied in several makes within the Hyundai and Kia range.

81182 51760 2R000 Ball joint Hyundai I30 (FD) & I30 CW (FD) – Kia CEE’D (ED), CEE’D SW (ED), PRO CEE’D (ED)

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