Did you know that we created a Sidem Solution for three types of light trucks? Discover all about our re-engineered ball joint for Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen LT, and Volkswagen Crafter below.

Modified rubber boot

In the first instance, we decided to re-engineer the rubber boot of the ball joint. Specifically: we made the boot thicker. This way, the ball joint can better resist the impact of particles that come from the road. And the inside is better sealed.

The rubber of the boot is chloroprene by the way. It offers maximum resistance to chemical substances and is the best sealing from moist and dust.

Better endurance

Besides that, we have improved the endurance of the entire part. The plastic bearing has been re-engineered from scratch. As a result, the part can withstand the loads that these types of vehicles have to endure even better than before.

Even more OE

We are very glad to write here that the changes we have made to this ball joint, have resulted in a part that resembles the OE part even more optically.

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