A defective ball joint in the track control arm is a common source of vehicle handling and suspension noise problems. The control arm installed in Dacia Logan has a press ball joint. If this ball joint has already been replaced a number of times, the material of the control arm will be stretched after pressing the ball joint in and out so many times. As a result, you cannot safely install and fixate the ball joint.

When this is the case and the control arm has been stretched too much by multiple replacements of the ball joint, you are almost forced to order a new control arm completely. But if the control arm is still in good condition, this is unnecessary. Replacing only the ball joint and welding it, for instance, is certainly not an option. This will melt the dust cover and plastic insert, causing the part to break completely. Some separate ball joints are available on the aftermarket, that, however, do not lead to a fully secured installation. In situations like these, safety cannot be guaranteed and this should always be avoided.

Sidem has developed a unique and patented solution that provides an answer to this problem. It is a ball joint that guarantees maximum fixation. The ball joint is designed in such way that the part locks itself when you press it into the control arm.

To remove an old ball joint from a control arm, you must first separate the control arm from the suspension and the frame of the car. Several methods can be used to remove the ball joint from the control arm but a puller tool is most often recommended for removal of the ball joint.


The new ball joint with the patented design has a wide collar on the outside. As soon as the collar comes over the edge of the wishbone, the ball joint will lock itself. You can compare it to how a barb functions. The part is pressed in easily, but the part cannot return. The ball joint is fully secured in the control arm. In other words, you can use Sidem’s solution to easily and safely replace the ball joint in the control arm.

Note: An alignment should always be performed after making any suspension-related repairs.

Check video of Sidem’s ball joint with patented design

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