Focus on employees with the slogan ‘Steer, shift gears and accelerate together with a smile’

  • Launch of the Sidem project ‘Steer, shift gears and accelerate together with a smile’
  • Main pillars: motivation and involvement
  • Project starts from January 2019

Sidem, the European manufacturer of steering and suspension parts, has presented its new overall project at the beginning of the year, during the half-yearly meeting with all the employees. Under the motto ‘Steer, shift gears and accelerate together with a smile’, the company wishes to increase its focus on involvement.

Excellent workplace

At the end of 2017, Sidem already initiated several HR projects aimed at increasing the involvement of its employees. For instance, a staff survey was held in order to find out about the employees’ needs. The survey results were converted at the beginning of this year into a full and integrated Sidem project. The overall process will benefit from the external coordination by Pvo-Avancys and will be supported via ESF. It will focus in particular the following areas: process analysis, function and/or team descriptions, leadership, cooperation and other HR actions. “This project aims to increase the employees’ involvement with the organization. It must allow Sidem to improve as an employer, and its employees to see their company as an excellent workplace“, says Lieven Demeyere, Finance & HR Manager at Sidem.

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