Due to their battery pack Battery Electrical Vehicles (BEVs) tend to be heavier than petrol cars. Steering and suspension parts for this type of car are therefore subjected to more stress and thus require an optimized design. Besides, the faster accelleration of BEVs results in higher torque what means that ball joints in these cars need to be stronger for a higher security of the driver. On top, BEVs produce less noise and vibration. That is why Sidem’s silent blocks are reengineered to optimize the driving comfort.

“At present (May 2023), Sidem has 960 unique references for 32 European and Asian BEV brands, in total 147 private and light commercial models. Which means a relevant coverage of 83,66%, the highest score within the aftermarket.”

Highest coverage

Being the expert for steering and suspension car parts, Sidem has an extensive range of references, available from stock. All engineered and produced in Europe.

Stabilizer links for BEV

Battery Electrical Vehicles often place a greater emphasis on aerodynamics to improve efficiency and extend the driving range. Consequently, the suspension system is designed in such a way to maintain the vehicle’s optimal aerodynamic profile by keeping it level and minimizing body roll during cornering.


To prevent this rolling effect, stabilizer bars are used. Those bars are connected to the wheel suspension with the help of stabilizer links that often have ball joints on both sides. As with axial joints for BEVs, the ball pin diameters here are also bigger compared to similar ICE models.


If we look at a common petrol car, BMW 3 series e.g., the diameter of the Sidem part is 20mm while OE only specifies a diameter of 19mm. Compared to the same part for a Tesla Model 3, a similar BEV car, the ball pin is even bigger with a diameter of 22mm (OE and Sidem). This is an important factor to secure the stabilizer link to withstand the heavy load and the higher torque of battery electrical cars.

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Out now: the Sidem 2024 catalogue for steering and suspension parts.

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Lifetime lubrificating grease

Ball joint lubrication is important to prevent the part from drying out, corroding and wearing. The grease used in Sidem parts is co-engineered with Klüber Lubrication and assures a much longer life time due to a smoother movement and protection against water infiltration. Sidem always engineers its parts with in mind the longest possible lifespan, maximum safety, comfort and an easy installation.

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Future proof production in Romania

“Thanks to our long tradition in the car industry, we have managed to find people with the right skills and the right mindset.”

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