As you may know, you must press a press ball joint in a control arm when installing it. But if this part has already been replaced for the umpteenth time, the material of the control arm will be stretched. Well, hold your horses because Sidem developed an excellent solution for this problem.

Press ball joint in Dacia, Lada and Renault

In this article, we will specifically mention car brands such as Dacia, Lada, and Renault. That’s because certain of their models have a control arm with a press ball joint. Pressing this in the control arm with each replacement, can stretch the material of the control arm. Result? You cannot safely install and secure the ball joint. Worst case scenario is that you are forced to order an entire new control arm and replace it completely. But if the control arm is still in good condition, you must only replace the ball joint.


What not to do when replacing a press ball joint

Replacing only the ball joint and welding it, for instance, is certainly not an option. This will melt the dust cover and plastic insert, causing the part to break completely. Some separate ball joints are available on the aftermarket, that, however, do not lead to a fully secured installation. In situations like these, safety cannot be guaranteed and this should always be avoided.

Get to know the Sidem ball joints

Ball joints are one of the pillars of Sidem’s product range. We can list several features that characterize our ball joints but selected the most important ones for you.

  • All ball pins and studs are made of chromium steel. This not only ensures maximum strength of the part but also prevents the part from breaking at extreme impact.
  • The ball joint dustcover consists of chloroprene rubber, which has as a maximum resistance to chemical substances. It also offers the best sealing from moist and dust.
  • The dustcover seat is a specially designed one, that prevents the dustcover from collapsing.
  • The shape of the dustcover is specially designed and prevents it from twisting.
  • When it comes to the housing of our ball joints, you’ll see there is no cutting in the steel micro-structure or the thread. Rolling it ensures a stronger one. The finishing of the housing has no sharp edges but rounded ones, that prevent damage.

Thanks to our extensive know-how and high-quality materials, we were able to come up with a solution for the above-mentioned problem.

Unique ball joint with patented design

Thanks to our extensive know-how and high-quality materials, we were able to come up with a solution for the press ball joint problem. We have developed a unique and patented ball joint that guarantees maximum fixation.

The press ball joint is designed in such a way that the part locks itself when you press it into the control arm. How? Well, the ball joint has a wide collar on the outside. As soon as it slides over the edge of the control arm, the ball joint will lock itself. You can compare it to how a barb functions. You slide the part in easily, but the part cannot return. The ball joint is fully secured in the control arm. In other words: you can use Sidem’s solution to replace the ball joint in the control arm in an easy and safe way.

Ball joint references for Dacia, Lada and Renault

We have two ball joint references in our range that can help you fix this problem.

5782 R 54 50 042 69R
54 50 113 62R
5450 04269R
5450 11362R
for Dacia Logan, Dacia Sandero, Lada Largus
(Models < 2012)
5783 R  54 50 010 64R
54 50 198 11R
for Dacia Sandero, Dacia Logan, Dacia Dokker,
Dacia Dodgy, Renault Thalia
(Models > 2012)


Discover all details of these ball joints in the catalogue

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