What does a control arm do?

Steering and suspension parts are essential in the car. The track control arm, for instance, connects the wheels with the vehicle frame and allows wheels to smoothly move up and down. Finally, they also enable stabilization of the wheels.


What does a failing track control arm look like?

A bad track control arm often means that the ball joint and the silent block are worn out or broken. A car’s steering and suspension parts should be checked at least once a year. This way you will avoid that the car gets rejected at the car inspection and that your customer is unhappy.

How do you know whether a track control arm or a ball joint needs to be replaced? You might notice while driving that the car deviates from the straight line or that it becomes difficult to steer when turning or when coming across a hump on the road.


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How to inspect the car for worn parts like the track control arms?

First, check the condition of the dust cover on the ball joint. If the rubber material of the dust cover shows wear or cracks, the ball joint needs to be replaced. After this, you can test with a lever whether or not there is play on the ball joint. Do this by wringing up and down the track control arm in relation to the wheel bearing housing. If the arm moves downward while the ball joint remains in place, this indicates play.

Finally, check the state of the silent blocks. Visual inspection with a lamp allows you to detect cracks or wear. Put again a lever between the subframe and the track control arm and see if it is possible to create movement. If you can create a movement of one or more centimeters, this indicates play and wear of the silent blocks and they should be replaced too.

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How to inspect the car for worn parts like the tie rod ends?

First, check the condition of the dust cover of the tie rod ends. If the rubber material of the dust cover shows wear or cracks, the part needs to be replaced. You can grasp the part and try to move it up and down. If the housing moves up while there is no movement in the pin stuck in the wheel bearing housing, this indicates play.

If there is no play on the tie rod end, you should check whether this is also the case for the axial joint. To do this, move the tie rod end in the same way as before. If there is no play on the tie rod end, there will be play on the axial joint. Finally, you can also check the steering rack gaiter. Check its condition and check if there are any cracks or grease loss. The steering rack gaiter must be in good condition to protect the axial joint.

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How to inspect the car for worn parts like stabilizer links?

At the start of the visual check, lift the car completely. First check the condition of the dust cover on the stabilizer link. If the rubber material of the dust cover shows wear or cracks, the part needs to be replaced.

Then proceed to check the stabilizer link. When you grasp the stabilizer bar, try to move it at the level of the stabilizer links. This movement is to check whether or not there is any play. In case of play, the suspension and steering of the car does not react accurately while driving. This can be risky with bumps or potholes in the road. It reduces the control over the car. In case of play, there will be little or no resistance at the beginning of the movement.

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Why choose Sidem?

Part of being an expert is knowing which steering and suspension brands to trust and choose from. Sidem is a 100% European and leading manufacturer with headquarters in Belgium and has its own production facility in Romania. Over 3 million parts are continuously available from stock in Sidem’s warehouse and our global activities mean that we are always nearby. By investing heavily in our fully automated distribution centre, products are shipped very quickly to more than 90 countries worldwide. Sidem is Europe’s longest-existing supplier of chassis parts founded more than 85 years ago, in the year 1933. Thanks to our strong teams and our year-long experience the family business can pride itself on family values and in-depth know-how when it comes to steering and suspension parts. As a result, OE brands also appreciate our approach.  That is why brands such as Porsche and Ford rely on Sidem for steering and suspension parts. We are proud to say that Sidem covers the most complete range of car brands and models in the aftermarket with no less than 9 000 unique references.

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